Enjoy PSP Emulator  v4.0 [MOD APK]

Enjoy PSP Emulator v4.0 [MOD APK]

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Tên Game: Enjoy PSP Emulator v4.0 [MOD APK]

Phiên bản:  4.0

Kích thước: 26.7 MB

Cần OBB: Không

Cần Root: Không

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Tính năng mod:

  1. Menu Mod
  2. 1 HIT
  3. God Mode
  4. Unlimited Money

Hướng dẫn cài mod:

Với game không cần OBB:
1- Xóa các phiên bản đã cài trên máy
2- Tải và cài đặt mod đã tải về
3-  Mở game và chiến thôi

Với game  cần OBB:
1- Download OBB và giải nén
2- Chép thư mục vừa giải nén vào đường dẫn SDcard/Android/obb
3- Download mod APK và cài đặt
3- Chiến game



The description of Enjoy PSP Emulator

Now you can easily play PSP games using new, very fine PSP emulator. This app turns your device into the real PSP console. It has best functionality to emulate games, run them on full speed. Playing and enjoying download PSP games is as easy as playing modern PS4 games or PC games on related devices. PSP Emulator with games is great ability for enjoying.

What does PSP emulator for PSP console mean? This is the real way to ENJOY PSP gaming without the real PSP in your hands. Smartphone devices are now powerful enough to emulate games better than original PSP console. Way of their running and enjoying them is much similar to running PS4 games or PC games.

Here you are in Enjoy PSP emulator:
– Cool graphics, pretty fine fps in many games, large compatible list of download PSP games
– Enjoying fine sound and good audio effects
– Emulate games and PSP homebrew in HD resolutions
– Run cool ROMs, ISO, CSO, COS, PPS
– Play POP, PSV, PSS, PAP on tablet for big-screen mobile gaming
– Save and restore game state anywhere, anytime
– Become real god of war in gaming and taken resurrection in oldschool games

Running PSP CSO, COS can be slower than running PSP ISO because CSO is a compressed format. The same way as original PS4 games and PC games running, PSP Emulator with games and PSP homebrew, gives you ability playing cool ROMs.

How to run PSP games using Enjoy:
– First, you need to download PSP homebrew, PSP ROMs (PSP ISO or PSP CSO) yourself – legally from original PSP console and owned UMD disc
– Second, you should put PSP ROMs (PSP ISO or PSP CSO) to the memory card of your smartphone or tablet
– Finally, run, emulate them using Enjoy PSP Emulator! If you already download PSP games, then you may run cool ROMs the same way as PS4 games or PC games
– Have fun and play PSP Emulator with games and you can become real god of war in gaming enjoying taken resurrection in best pop games

Enjoy PSP emulator is based on open source developments for PSP console which are available on public and mentioned in Credits. Have fun and enjoy, dear players!

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